Full Stack Analyst

Job description

We want to help our customers survive the 4th industrial revolution by being the “evangelist” of the business needs. Delivering a solution in a complex multi-divisional and rapidly changing environment is not straightforward and needs a shared vision. That is where TPO Agency comes in.

An analyst is someone who discovers and analyses information coming from various sources. They need to quickly adapt to the situation and become a business expert in a very short amount of time. This is what excites me the most! One day I am working in financial services but the other day I am working in manufacturing.

What exactly does an analyst do? That depends on the context of the project. We analyze an enterprise, its needs, and the rationale for change. In this way, we can enable change, design, and describe solutions that can deliver value to the end-user.

Like I said, your tasks will really depend on the context of the project. Sometimes you will define the business requirements, sometimes you dig deeper and define the functionalities of the product and sometimes you write test cases. This is what I like in this job! The continuous learning, the variety, and different domains you get to know.

Because our job is so dynamic, looking out for the customer is not the only part. To keep up, we, as analysts, also need to keep evolving and improving ourselves. I do this through self-reflection and working on my own weaknesses. Taking extra courses, attending events or sharing knowledge with like-minded buffoons… uh... I mean analysts. 🙈

I am searching for new colleagues to share my knowledge with. Do you think you have what it takes?


What drives me in my job:

  • Continuous learning in an ever-changing environment
  • Working with the newest technologies like AI, RPA, edge computing,…
  • Working in various business domains
  • Many opportunities to network
  • No day is the same

What motivates me every day:

  • Working with like-minded people
  • A day is never the same
  • Creating value instead of building with your eyes closed
  • Not only helping customers but at the same time working on your own qualities